Complete the following for time:
500 Meter row
15 Overhead Squats (M: 135 lbs, W: 95 lbs)
500 Meter Row
12 Overhead Squats (M: 155 lbs, W: 105 lbs)
500 Meter row
9 Overhead Squats (M: 175lbs, W: 115 lbs)

Goal: 9:00
Time Cap: 12:00

Cash Out
-Roll/Smash Quads/ Hips

A. In teams of 2 complete 600 meters of:
Over Head Carry
Front Rack Carry

*One partner carries OH and the other carries in the front rack. Team mates alternate as they go. If either of the partners goes out of the position the team has to stop.

B. Complete 4 rounds of:
100ft of Monster Walk
10 GHD Reverse Hypers
10 Lunges

C. 30-40 Slow Bike Calories


Due to the Body Reset Challenge meeting at 7pm this Thursday, April 27th, we will be canceling the regular CrossFit class and Group Fundamentals at 7pm. Sorry for any inconveniences!

May 1 – June 4, 2017

Reset your body with healthy whole foods that will improve performance and increase energy. This will be a 5 week Challenge that is limited to 60 participants, two teams of 30.

$125 will include:
– 2 Hydrostatic Tests
– Calorie prescription based on Hydrostatic test
– Nutrition guidance for 5 weeks using the container system
– Private Team Facebook group
– Weekly meeting/Food share/Team WOD
– Two teams will battle for points
– Point system & weekly cuts to motivate daily involvement in the Challenge. Participation is a must!
– Cash prizes

Sign ups are available NOW at the front desk! For questions about this Challenge, please contact the front desk via phone, email or walk-in and see us!