Deadlift 5-4-3-2-1
*Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
*Every 2:00.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7:00 of:
15 Pull Ups
30 Double Unders

Cash Out
Accumulate 50 DB weighted sit-ups

A. In teams of 2 complete 5 rounds of:
50 ft Back rack walking lunges
5 Push Presses
*One partners completes a round while the other rests.
*Same barbell for both movements.

B. Complete 5 rounds of:
10 Plank DB drag
10 Medball/Sandbag shoulder tosses

C. 500 Meter jog with Medball

Friday Night Lights!
Friday, March 24
CrossFit Open Event 17.5

Please join us this Friday night to cheer on our CrossFit Open athletes as they complete the final workout of the 2017 CrossFit Open. Heats will start at 5pm!

The 4pm class will run as usual. The 5pm & 6pm classes are CANCELLED due to this event.

All athletes are encouraged to come out and support! Bring your favorite beverage and/or snack to share! This will be a fun night with your CFIV family!

Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing
Friday, March 31st
7am – 12pm at CrossFit Imperial Valley

What To Expect: The total test will take about 15 minutes. You will be fully submerged for 5-7 seconds in warm clean & filtered water.
What To Bring: Please bring a bathing suit & towel
What You Get: Included with your test is a total review of your detailed 4-page report.

$49 Initial Test
$35 Retest
$74 Bundle – includes before & after test

Find out how many calories you really need everyday! For more information or any questions see us at the front desk or give us a call. Spots are still available!