“Deck of Cards”
Number represents repetitions (Face cards = 10) Suit represents the movement.

Hearts = AbMat Sit-Ups
Diamonds = Goblet Squats (M: 24 kgs, W: 16 kgs)
Spades = Kettlebell Swings (M: 24 kgs, W: 16 kgs)
Clubs = Burpees
Jokers = Plank Run

*Cards are flipped over one at a time. Entire class completes the repetitions before flipping the next card. Score is the time it takes your class to make it through the deck!

Posted on CFNE on 21 July 2016


A) Push press

B) 3 Supersets of:
15 KB shrug to high pull
15 DB Front raises

C) 3 Supersets of:
10 Barbell curls
10 Hammer curls with DB’s

“Fittest Team on Earth”
CrossFit Mayhem Freedom won the title of the fittest this past week/weekend at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games.