Complete 5 rounds for time of:
15 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
15 Box Jumps (M: 30″, W: 24″)
300m Run

Goal: Sub 17:00
Time Cap: 20:00

Cash Out
Mobility Session
Saddle Archer Pose 1:00 Per Arm
Scorpion Stretch 1:00 Per side
Glute Stretch 1:00 Per Side
Childs Pose 2:00

A. Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5+

B. 5 rounds of:
100m Sled Drag
100m Farmers Carry
*Choose Weight

C. Stretch

2018 CrossFit Games Open
February 22nd – March 26th

Register for the 2018 CrossFit Games Open starting soon! This is a great opportunity to be a part of the CrossFit community as a whole. Compete against fellow CrossFitters from across the globe! Interested in registering? Check out www.games.crossfit.com for more information or to get registered. 

Judges Course
We will be needing help with judging our in-house Open athletes. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of CrossFit, take the judges course online. This is a great way to help you as an athlete better understand movements and it’s just a great opportunity! If you have any questions feel free to ask any of our CFIV coaches.