Complete 5 rounds for time of:
15 Push-ups
50 ft of 2 Lunge Steps + 2 Squat (M: 45 lb bumber plate, W: 35 lbs bumper plate)
20 Bumper Plate Ground To Overheads (M: 45 lbs, W: 35 lbs)

Goal: 15:00
Time Cap: 18:00

Cash Out
2:00 per leg of glute stretch

A. Complete 5 rounds of:
20 Weighted sit-ups
20 Leg Raises

B. Karen with a twist
Complete 150 Wallballs for time

*Every time the medball touches
the floor do 5 burpees

C. Stretch

Eli’s Heroes CrossFit Team Competition Update

Early registration has extended to Friday, April 14th. After that, prices will increase to $150 per team. We have also added more spots for teams to register! Check out our “Special Events” tab to find direct link to register for the CrossFit Comp or the 5K Run/Walk. Competition standards and workouts are posted on our “Special Events” page as well.

Josh Everett Weightlifting Clinic
Saturday, April 15th, 10am – 1pm

The new date of the clinic will be April 15th. For those of you that are not able to attend due to the new date, we are truly sorry that we had to make this last minute change. We have 6 spots available for this new date. Please sign up at the front desk if you are interested!