Rest Day

Body Reset Challenge Athletes

Tomorrow is day 1 of our 5 week Body Reset Challenge. Here are some tips to help you better prepare yourself for your first day/week.

– Grocery Shopping (Get your shopping done this weekend!)
– Meal prepping for the WEEK! (If you want to set yourself up for success you should meal prep a week in advance. All meals and snacks!)
– Logging your points on the spreadsheet daily. (You don’t want to get cut from the Challenge because you forgot to log points!!)
– Daily workouts. Try your best to make it to the gym to get your workouts in! The daily WODs count as points!
– Water! Drink lots of water to stay hydrated in this lovely heat.
– Ask your team leaders for help! Don’t hesitate to ask team leaders or your fellow Challenge athletes questions. We are all in this together and no question is a bad one.