At CrossFit Imperial Valley, our goal is to educate and inspire you to make fitness a part of your life. CrossFit Imperial Valley offers both group classes and private training. We also provide consultation and instruction to athletic teams, military units and law enforcement agencies interested in learning CrossFit.

1038_CFIV April 2016Training in a group is a challenging yet supportive way to experience the greatest aspects of CrossFit.  Following a dynamic warm-up, the class continues with technique instruction and training on specific CrossFit weightlifting and gymnastic movements.  Athletes then participate in a CrossFit WOD (Work Out of the Day) that will push their physical and psychological limits.  In the true spirit of CrossFit, all workouts are universally scalable.  At CrossFit Imperial Valley, it is common to see athletes of vastly different physical capacities training alongside each other in an encouraging yet challenging atmosphere.  


▪️Free InBody Scan ($30 value)
▪️Free Kids Room
▪️Fitness Store
▪️Access to SugarWOD tracking App
▪️Access to RomWOD (mobility & stretching program)
▪️Special Events
▪️Over 10 classes a Day!


Unlimited Monthly Group Membership: $145 a month Auto-pay with a credit or debit card is required. A Membership Cancellation Form in required in order to cancel this auto-pay membership.*

Unlimited Month-to-Month Group Membership: $165 a month Cash or credit card acceptable.*

Drop-In: $15 a day OR Punch Card: $130 for 10 visits (Expires after 1 year) For athletes who have completed our Fundamentals program and want to attend Group classes on a drop-in bases. Or, for athletes that are planning on dropping in a few times from out of town or other local CrossFit gym. This punch card will save you money and allow you 10 visits. It expires after 1 year.

Public Safety (LEO/Fire/MIL & Family), Student & Family $10 Discount: $135 a month LEO/Fire/MIL families must provide documentation that they live at the same address. Family discount can be applied if 2+ members  in the same household are on one credit card.  For adult memberships only.  Auto-pay with a credit or debit card is required.  A Membership Cancellation Form in required in order to cancel this auto-pay membership.*

0522_CFIV April 2016All new students are required to attend a series of group or private Fundamental classes with a CrossFit Imperial Valley Coach in order to learn the foundational CrossFit movements.  The group Fundamentals class is offered at 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday.  New athletes can join the Group Fundamentals program each week on Mondays and the program is 2 weeks long.  We require that they attend 3 to 4 classes each week.  Once a day, they can attend either of the listed Fundamentals classes as fits into their schedule.  However, allowing a rest day between classes when possible might be recommended depending on the physical fitness level of the athlete. Each class is 45 minutes to 1 hour long.  All athletic levels are welcome.  People recovering from injuries, surgeries or who have other health concerns should contact CrossFit Imperial Valley prior to their first class.  Private classes may be more appropriate for certain athletes.    

Athletes who want to expedite their Fundamentals classes should consider the private Fundamentals sessions. Private Fundamentals are offered at a discounted rate of $199 for the first three classes. Private Fundamentals are an excellent choice for athletes recovering from injuries or who anticipate needing individual instruction.

After the initial private or group Fundamentals are completed, the athlete may join the regular group classes. Contact to schedule a private fundamentals class. New athletes interested in starting the Group Fundamentals can begin any Monday of the month.   Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete enrollment paperwork and to pay.


Private Fundamentals: 3 sessions scheduled individually + 2 weeks of CrossFit classes
1 person: $199
2 people: $338
3 people: $462

*Please note that private fundamentals are given at a discounted hourly rate.  In sessions with two or three people in attendance, all athletes are required to complete each session together as scheduled.  If one athlete needs to reschedule separate from the group, they will be required to pay the usual hourly rate for one person.

Group Fundamentals + 2 Weeks of CrossFit Classes: $145 for 4 weeks. An absolute minimum of 3 classes each week are required to move in to the regular classes.  The actual number of classes needed will be assessed on an individual bases.  As long as the athlete participates in the Group Fundamentals regularly, CrossFit Imperial Valley will work with each individual to make sure they are properly prepared for the regular classes.

*Group Fundamentals are offered at 7pm Monday through Thursday.  You must start on a Monday.

0122_CFIV April 2016The value of private training cannot be overemphasized.  It is a unique and specialized opportunity to receive individual instruction and attention to ensure the most solid foundation for the development of the athlete.  Private training is also a wonderful choice for athletes with specific fitness goals who require individualized programming and coaching, athletes recovering from injuries, as well as de-conditioned athletes. Please contact to set up your first private session.    


60 Minute Private Sessions
16 x Month: $928 ($58 per session)
12 x Month: $780 ($65 per session)
8 x Month: $576 ($72 per session)
4 x Month: $316 ($79 per session)
Single session: $86

30 Min Skill Sessions
12 x Month: $468 ($39 per session)
8 x Month: $344 ($43 per session)
4 x Month: $188 ($47 per session)


If you are interested in specialized training that is specifically geared towards the type of physical demands normally associated with the Military or Law Enforcement profession, CrossFit Imperial Valley can provide private or team training to meet your needs.  This training will not only increase an individual operators physical and mental ability, but will also help teams forge the next level of trust, capacity and teamwork. CrossFit Imperial Valley has worked extensively with Law Enforcement and Military Units in the Imperial Valley with resounding success. High school and sports specific team training can also be arranged.


Please email for Group Rates.

*Note: Please understand that you will pay for each month of your membership ahead of time.  While we allow you to initially select the day on which your membership is charged, we do not pro-rate any months except the first month if necessary.

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This class is offered EVERY Saturday of the month to anyone who wants to attend.  Its open to all levels and abilities.  Please check our website for holiday closures.

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