Participate in CrossFit Imperial Valley’s gym wide challenge!

The goal is to work hard each week on these explosive movements and build strength, power and metabolic conditioning in them over the course of the month. As an individual you will measure your improvements with consistent work. As a community we will see how many reps we can complete in a month!


MAX Kettlebell Swings in 3:00


MAX Wall Balls in 3:00


MAX Burpees in 3:00


  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week, choose to participate in that day’s challenge. No making up missed days.
  • Movements must be completed in 3 consecutive minutes.
  • Athletes should use their standard Wallball and Kettlebell weight or slightly heavier if form remains good.
  • Can be completed ANYWHERE!
  • Log reps in SugarWOD each day.
  • See SugarWOD for movement standards. And, remember that only your own fitness suffers if you don’t uphold good movement standards and rep counting!

Let’s grow stronger & work on our weaknesses as a Community!