Complete the following for time:
30 Burpee Muscle-Ups

Goal: Use today as a way to develop skill and confidence with the movement.
Time cap: 7:00

2:00 REST

1 mile run for time

Goal: Sub 7:00
Time Cap 10:00

Cash Out
:30 sec per side of:
Samson Stretch
Runners Stretch
Scorpion Stretch


Tomorrow we will be meeting at 8am at CFIV. We will be completing a ROMWOD session as a group (Team B & Team C). Feel free to bring a Yoga mat if you’d like. If you want to get a WOD in, you can stay and do the community WOD at 9:00am or your own thing.

See you all tomorrow to get swole & flexy!

Last Day for Burpee Challenge 
Tomorrow will be the last day for burpees. Remember…
-You can only complete 50 yourself. That means if you are soliciting others to do them with you, they must do them at the same time and when you finish your 50 for the day, you CAN NOT keep having people do burpees for you. 
The people you can count and solicit for points MUST be CFIV Members. This means you CANNOT count them from family members or kids at home, etc if they aren’t at the gym and members.
Winning team gets 100 bonus points for the week. 
YOU CAN ALL EARN 50 POINTS THIS WEEK BY HITTING YOUR #S OR TRAYS EVERY DAY! This is a huge opportunity to make up for some bad days or weeks. Stay strong and focused guys. Reach out to you us for help if needed. We can’t wait to see results!

– Coach Cort & Coach Brianna

 Free Community Workout
Saturday, November 4th, 2017 

Join us this Saturday for a Free Community Workout at 9am. This is a great opportunity to experience our unique coaching style and fun community atmosphere. Bring family, friends and coworkers to try it out as well! Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign a waiver.

Receive 50% OFF Group Fundamentals if you sign up that day (Regular price $100).

Current CFIV members can utilize this class for an extra workout each week!