Yoga with Lola

Yoga with Lola is a creative flow that allows your body to move and breath. No two classes are ever the same sequence. It is gentle enough that all levels can participate, but also gives you the ability to challenge yourself through stretching and strength. Yoga is a mental and physical practice that allows you to not only stretch your muscles, but give those inner organs some love as well. After a Yoga with Lola class you will walk away feeling amazing both physically and mentally. Every Yoga with Lola class is infused with Doterra essential oils through aromatherapy and topical application.

Lauren “Lola” Layton was born and raised in the Imperial Valley. She has been practicing yoga since 2013. On the morning of September 12, 2014, she woke up with the urge to change and begin her own personal Health and Wellness Journey. At this point, yoga became an essential element of her daily routine in order to find “balance.” This led her to dive further into nutrition, essential oils, and fitness. During this time with this positive momentum she pushed forward joining the Crossfit Imperial Valley Women’s Challenge January of 2019. She was positively influenced by the CrossFit Community. When the challenge ended in February she immediately signed up as a CrossFit Imperial Valley member and is so happy she did so. During all these changes her passion for yoga really bloomed as she has developed yoga into a “career” she is extremely passionate about. In May of 2019 she spent a couple of weeks in Costa Rica studying to complete her yoga certification. She became a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor on May 17, 2019.


Meet Lola on the mat to stretch out those sore muscles, build your flexibility, eliminate that stress, and allow you an hour of “me time.”

Every Saturday at 7:00am
Members $10
Non-members $15