Whole eggs or Egg Whites?
Conventional or Organic?
Free Range or Pasture Raised?
What’s the big deal?

Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrition (or they can be). There is a lot of strong opinions out there on what is best for you, so today I’m going to give you my take on everything.  Firstly, unless you are advised by a doctor that you need to be careful about your cholesterol levels, I would say whole egg all day. The yolk has all of the benefits!  Check out the image below for an easy comparison on eggs vs egg whites.

When it comes to choosing what type of eggs you purchase, I would always recommend trying to get truly farm fresh eggs. Today’s egg industry as well other branches of the food industry, are always looking to minimize costs and maximize profits. This means animals are not always raised in an ideal environment. Now you may not care much about how your chickens or other food was cared for before it was on your plate, but there are significant differences in the nutrition content as well, which you should care about it. Commercial chickens are usually fed low quality grains with additives to increase their immunity, strengthen the shell and alter the color of the yolk. Pasture raised chickens get to roam freely eating grasses, bugs, etc. In the picture of the cracked eggs, 2 are “Free Range”, and 1 is fresh from the farm. Even though the free range eggs are supposed to be one of the better from the store, you can see the difference in the farm egg clearly. You can see all the benefits in the second image below.


You have access to getting farm fresh eggs delivered to CFIV weekly! A friend of mine is raising chickens and selling eggs as her baby girls’ college fund, so it’s a double win! You get delicious fresh eggs, and you are supporting a great cause.
If you are interested in ordering some please reach out to me at cortney@crossfitimperialvalley.com.