CrossFit Imperial Valley is a one-of-a kind gym.  On the surface, it is hot, there are sweaty people everywhere, the music is loud and athletes talk in code about WODs and AMRAPs.  On first glance, the gym appears to be an underground fitness cult that is only attended by the most hardcore, self-abusing fitness freaks. However, as you leave the cool air-conditioning of the lobby and enter the inferno of the gym, you notice first that there are a variety of people of different ages, backgrounds and social circles in attendance.  Yet, somehow, everyone gets along within the gym, working out side by side with little regard to anything other than getting through their workout and supporting their peers around them.

The equalizer is the workout itself.  Each day, a new WOD (Work Out of the Day), is run consistently in every class.  Athletes attend the scheduled classes, and, based on their experience and ability level, and with the guidance of the instructor, they complete an appropriate version of the posted WOD.  Each athlete pushes to their own limits of physical ability bringing a sense of accomplishment and victory to themselves.  As a group, the camaraderie and friendships that are born out of this experience bridges all gaps in age, social status and athletic experience.  Each athlete is impressed with and happy for the success of their fellow athletes when completing a WOD.  And thus a supportive, highly motivating and fun culture of fitness and health is created, through which the community is the backbone.


When you walk into CrossFit Imperial Valley, you will not see rows of machines, treadmills and ellipticals. There are no mirrors to check yourself out.  And, there are no scales in the restrooms on which to weigh yourself daily.  What you will see are a truly dedicated staff of coaches who are looking for a certain kind of results.  They want to see you get faster, stronger, healthier and fitter and they will be basing your improvements on your increases in physical performance within the gym.  They are experienced in training athletes of many different levels and they know what you are capable of accomplishing.  They will watch your form, encourage you to log your workout scores and help you improve each and every time you show up at the gym ready to work.

CrossFit is a results based program.  It’s efficacy is judged not by the athletes physic but rather by the athletes increase in capacity both inside and outside of the gym.  When a person improves from needing handrails to get off the toilet to being able to stand up on their own, the results of the program speak for itself.  When a police officer has the ability to chase down a suspect; when a dad can coach a son’s baseball practice and lead by example; when a young man with no arms or legs can climb Kilamanjaro all of this speaks to the efficacy of CrossFit and how it improves the lives of people around the world daily.  These are just some of the amazing and true examples that prove CrossFit to be the functional fitness program it claims to be.


14,000 Sq. Ft. Facility


Office & Merchandise

Kids Room

There are few CrossFit gyms in the US let alone the world that are as large as CrossFit Imperial Valley.  Our 14,000 sq ft facility is mostly dedicated to CrossFit.  The open warehouse area has large roll-up doors that allow athletes to train in the elements and take advantage of the demands these conditions create.  At CFIV we wouldn’t trade our warehouse for an air-conditioned indoor gym.  Part of being fit is being prepared for anything in any environment.  It is about pushing the limits of your experience so that you are prepared for the unknown as well as the knowable.  While equipment such as Olympic barbells, bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, GHDs, medicine balls and pull-up rigs line the perimeter of the gym, the middle is generally left bare for training.  It allows for “constantly varied, functional movement, executed at high intensity.”  This definition of CrossFit is the cornerstone of our training and it is the purpose of the large open space in our gym.  While it may be slightly intimidating in the beginning, it is also exciting and makes for enough variety in our program that athletes never get tired of training.  Each day brings new challenges and our facility supports that with it’s state-of-the-art functional fitness equipment.

Greg Glassman, the founder and creator of CrossFit, always said that you could judge the quality and success of a gym by looking at their restrooms!  A clean and well-cared for restroom indicated a gym whose attention to detail and cleanliness would make for a successful business owner.  Mallee Sato, owner of CrossFit Imperial Valley took that piece of advice and always remembered it.  When renovations at the new gym were underway, the restrooms were a primary concern.  With separate men’s and women’s restrooms and shower rooms, the beautiful limestone stonework is truly a work of art.  The showers allow athletes to conveniently attend classes before and after work and during their lunch breaks.  And, the facilities are scrubbed daily to maintain a sanitary environment.