CrossFit was created by Greg and Lauren Glassman in Santa Cruz, CA.  CrossFit is best defined by Greg Glassman as “constantly varied, functional movement, executed at high intensity.”  It is designed as a GPP (general physical preparedness) program that can be used by a variety of people from the specialized athlete to elderly and de-conditioned people. The three main modalities most commonly found in CrossFit are metabolic conditioning (like running, rowing and swimming), gymnastics movements (like push-ups, pull-ups and muscle-ups), and weightlifting (like the clean and jerk, dead lift and the overhead squat).

At CrossFit Imperial Valley, each workout is scaled or modified for the individual, depending on their fitness experience and capacity.  We are serious about building a good foundational base on which to add strength, power and intensity.  All movements need to be executed with proper technique and full range of motion before weight is added into the equation.

Whether you have always been athletic, or you have never been inside a gym of any kind, CrossFit can improve your quality of life.  Many professional athletes have taken up CrossFit after years of sport specific training and found their ability increase under the guidance of a CrossFit trainer.  Law Enforcement and Military Operatives have used CrossFit to better perform the dangerous demands and tasks of their job. But even more inspiring are the countless numbers of every day people who turn into amazing athletes after they start CrossFitting.