Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
200 Meter farmers carry (M: 32 kgs, W: 24 kgs)
100 Meter walking lunge
50 Meter handstand walk

Posted on CF Main site 26 March 2016


A) Bench Press 21’s
7 top half
7 bottom half
7 full range of motion

B) 3 Supersets of:
10 weighted dips
10 weighted push ups

C) 3x:
12-15 barbell curls

CFIV In-House OPEN Competition 
Congratulations to everyone who completed the 5 weeks of the CrossFit Games Open. Listed below are the overall top 3 athletes from each level from the last 5 workouts.

The 1st place Male and Female athlete from the RX division will receive 1 FREE month of membership!

RX Men – Level 3
1st – Francisco Castellanos
2nd (TIE) – Justin Eyer & Robert Vogel
3rd – Ariel Casillas

RX Women – Level 3
1st (TIE) – Kady Jones & Cortney Coyne
2nd (TIE) – Rebecca Miranda & Kori Ryerson
3rd – Mallee Amundson

Level 2 Men
1st – Chris Yarnell
2nd – Israel Agredano
3rd – Mel Wong

Level 2 Women
1st – Brianna Burgun
2nd – Ivette Ron
3rd – Angela Pitones

Level 1 Men
1st – Bobby Brock

Level 1 Women
1st (TIE) – Sandra Reisin & Maya Valle
2nd – Jaan Wilson
3rd – Rosalinda Romero

RX Teen Boys
1st – Melaky Martinez

RX Teen Girls
1st – Ella McDonald

Scaled Teen Boys
1st- Gabe Lopez

Check the “Goal” board in the gym for everyones overall placement during our In-House Open Competition.¬†Great job to all athletes!