Every minute on the minute for 20 Minutes
1 Snatch *Start at about 70% of 1RM.
Every 5 minutes, add weight if you are hitting the lift.


Teen Class is CANCELED this week, 4/02/13 – 4/05/13, for Spring Break.
Classes will resume on Monday, April 8th, at the regular time.


Olympic Lifting
Everything we tell you about learning a snatch is shown in this slow-mo video of Chad Vaughn!
Chad Vaughn, 285 pound Snatch” – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov] – Courtesy of

Sign Up for one of the Tuesday night Olympic lifting class.  Everyone should be taking advantage of these classes each week!  Unless you already snatch 285 as beautifully as Chad Vaughn!

Upcoming Clinics
Tuesday, April 9th – Olympic Lifting
Thursday, April 11th – Mobility
Watch the last Open WOD be announced live at the Honda Civic Center
at 5:00 pm

What movements do you think it will include?