Complete 3 Rounds for time of:

25 Burpees
15 Deadlift (M: 275 lbs, W: 185 lbs)
60 Double Unders

CF Reston 


Do you have a movement in CrossFit that you dread?  Perhaps each time you check the WOD, you prey that it won’t be in tomorrow’s workout?  And, if it is, you might even decide not to workiout to avoid it?  Well, often times we avoid the movements we are not good at and we love the ones at which we excel. That movement or exercise that you avoid like the plague, is your goat.  It’s time to dominate that goat and make it your best friend.  It’s time to not be scared of it anymore.  All it takes is practice, excellent coaching and a will to improve.  In CrossFit we strive to continually push the margins of our experience and in doing so, we constantly prove that today we are capable of more than we were yesterday.  It’s time to master your goat!

  This winter, we will be offering a series of special clinics at CFIV, designed to help you master specific skills and movements.  You will be able to practice and perfect the pull-up, snatch, and your running and rowing technique to name a few.  These clinics will be taught by our expert CFIV trainers.  They will have limited space and signing up ahead of time will be required to guarantee participating.  They will be held on predetermined days at 5:30 PM in place of that day’s Advanced Skills class.

The first clinic will be held on Monday, December 10th.  Stay tuned to hear what it is!

Question: What is your goat, or, what skill/movement would you like more in-depth instruction in?