Complete 21-15-9 for time of:

Handstand push- ups


Row Challenge
Don’t forget to total and submit your 30K partner Row Challenge results from this week.


Monday May 27th – Memorial Day Murph

Murph is one of the original CrossFit fundraisers and a worthy cause. CrossFit Imperial Valley will run three heats of  this infamous WOD on Memorial Day and then celebrate with a afternoon BBQ and pool party.  Please pick up an invite at the gym!

Don’t forget to register  for this WOD.  The money goes to a great cause (Military charities that provide educational scholarships to the families of fallen heros) and you will receive a Forged t-shirt. This is one of the few fundraisers we do each year and we would appreciate your support and participation.  Murph can be scaled for beginners, completed in  teams or as individuals.