Complete every minute on the minute for 6 minutes of:
1 High hang squat clean
1 Low hang squat clean
1 Full squat clean


Accumulate 5 minutes total work at each isometric hold station:
Dead hang from pullup bar
Push up plank hold (arms locked out)
Wall sit (below 90 degrees)

*score will be total time to complete all 3 holds. You don’t move to the next hold until all 5 minutes have been completed.


Complete 4 sets:
Bulgarian Split squat x 6 reps each leg
(add 5-10 pounds to the weight you used last week)
Rest 2-4 minutes
Stiff leg snatch grip DL x 10 reps
(use same wt. as Bulgarians)
Rest 1 minute
Front Squats x 5 reps
(if last weeks weight was easy add 5-10 lbs, if it was tough, stay at same weight)
Rest 2-4 minutes

ALL Kickboxing classes will be canceled on Friday, September 26.
Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.