500-500-500-500-500 Meter row

Rest 3:00 between each row. Keep each 500 meter row attempt within :15 sec of your original 500 meter time. If you don’t make the + :15 sec time cap, you are done and have to complete the penalty. For each uncompleted rounds, the penalty is a 400 meter run.


CFIV WOD & Social
TONIGHT @ 6:30 pm
Help us celebrate the CrossFit Community with a casual
Friday Night WOD, great friends and a few drinks. Bring something to throw on the grill or beverage to share.

Athletes who are not CFIV members must have prior CrossFit experience.
Please arrive early to fill out a waiver. The gym will be open at 6:00 pm
to stretch and warm up.

All afternoon CrossFit classes are CANCELED for this event.  Kickboxing classes will run as usual.