Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
15 Snatches (M: 75 lbs, W: 55 lbs)
15 Box jumps (M: 24″, W: 20″)
15 Snatches (M: 95 lbs, W: 65 lbs)
15 Box Jumps (M: 24″, W: 20″)
15 Snatches (M: 115 lbs, W: 80 lbs)
15 Box Jumps (M: 24″, W: 20″)
15 Snatches (M: 135 lbs, W: 95 lbs)
15 Box Jumps (M: 24″, W: 20″)
As many snatches as possible (M: 155 lbs, W: 105 lbs)

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Shoulder press
5 x 6
Wide grip bench press
5 x 6


Complete 3 supersets of:
Seated DB press : max reps
Dips : max reps


Complete 3 supersets of:
12 DB lateral raises
8 Barbell curls


Health and Fitness Challenge
Going on day 4 of the Health and Fitness Challenge. How are all partners doing? Don’t forget to contact each other every night and both commit to a health and fitness goal for the next day. If the goal they committed to doing the night before is not completed, they owe “the pot” $5. We will find something fun to do as a group with the money earned in “the pot” after the challenge.

Examples of Daily Commitments:
“I will not drink any soda tomorrow; I will drink 1 gallon of water tomorrow.”
“I will  eat 2 balanced meals tomorrow.”
“I will spend 10 minutes working on my double-unders.”
“I will stretch for 10 minutes before and after class tomorrow.”

Athletes are encouraged to make their daily goals challenging yet realistic. Remember you only get as much out of it as you put into it.