Complete 3 rounds for time of:
21 Deadlifts (M: 185 lbs, W: 125 lbs)
21 Push-ups
9 Front squats (M: 185 lbs, W: 125 lbs)


A) 3 Supersets of:
Max strict press @ 70%
20 KB high pulls

B) 3 Supersets of:
15 DB lat raises
10 DB Front raises
5 Strict weighted pull-ups

C) 6-6-6-6
Robot press with DB

Week #2 Challenge
Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
Challenge athletes, please check these standards:

-Sit-ups must be completed at CFIV only!
-You have to use an AbMat
-Shoulders must touch the ground and at the top you must touch your toes
-Make sure you log your reps next to your name on the whiteboard
-Don’t over do it with too many sit-ups.
-Listen to your bodies!!

The last day to complete reps will be Saturday at the end of Open Gym.