Complete 5 rounds for time of:
400 Meter run
21 Deadlifts (M: 185 lbs, W: 125 lbs)

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Spring Nutrition Challenge is Over!!
As of the 25th day, the top three points earners are:
1. Doug Struckmeyer 720 points
2. Ryan Dubbe 690 points
3.  Laura Dubbe 585 points
You guys, along with the others in the Challenge have done an awesome job! We hope you are happy with your results and are feeling much better. We can definitely tell in your performance! Remember, this challenge was meant to guide you in making lifestyle changes and better nutrition choices all of the time. We’re always here for your support, if you have any questions, or feedback please e-mail us at cortney@crossfitimperialvalley.com
You may get your measurements done anytime today before you workout. It is best if you can get measured by the same person and around the same time of day. It is also best to wear the same clothes as you did in your before picture. If you don’t remember, we can send it to you.
You must have all points turned in by Thursday evening.

April Kickboxing Special! 
3 Private Fundamentals & Group Classes*
*Must complete in 1 month
($200 value)
For more information call Leo at 407-616-2682 or contact the front desk.

Teen Class is CANCELED this week, 4/02/13 – 4/05/13, for Spring Break.
Classes will resume on Monday, April 8th, at the regular time.