“Surprise Workout”
In CrossFit, we like to be prepared for anything and everything that is thrown our way.  If we always work within the margins of our ability and comfort, we only get better at things we have already mastered.  That’s why its important to step outside of the limits of our comfort and challenge ourselves to new experiences.  Constantly trying new things will make us more prepared for what CrossFit likes to call the ‘Unknown and the Unknowable.’

If you are one to avoid certain workouts because you don’t like or are not good at specific movements, it’s time to take it head on and embrace your weaknesses.  What do you have to loose by working on something you suck at?  The only thing that can happen is that you might get better.  Suck up your pride and get ready to improve your overall fitness by challenging yourself to a Surprise Workout.  You might get lucky if its something you love.  And then again, you might get to challenge yourself to working on a weakness.

Over the next few months, we will be randomly challenging you with workouts that might be outside your comfort zone, or, at the very least that you can not mentally prepare for by having it posted on the website the night before.  Sure, you could call a friend after the 6am class and get the low-down on the WOD, however, we challenge you to take life and your workouts head on and come in for our Surprise Workouts and get the most out of them.  We wouldn’t waste our time doing this if we didn’t think it was good for you!

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 8.19.41 AMCheck out this diagram that gives you the definition of CrossFit. Notice that the foundation of the CrossFit pyramid is NUTRITION. Are you aware of proper nutrition? Is your diet helping or hindering your performance in the gym?
Sign up for our Spring Nutrition Challenge Meeting on either
Monday February 25th or Wednesday February 27th at 7:00 pm to hear our Nutrition lecture to kick off our Nutrition Challenge!