“Meat Grinder”
50 Clean and Jerks (M: 135 lbs, W: 95 lbs)
*Every Minute on the Minute – Complete 5 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Posted on CFNE on 12 April 2016


A) 5 sets:
4 DL w/ a 2 second pause below the knee.

*Rest as needed

B) Complete 3 Supersets of:
20 Front rack step-ups
10 Goblet squats

C) 2-3 sets:
25 weighted crunches
25 weighted sit-ups
15 V-ups
10 T2B

Week #2 Challenge
Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
Let’s see which team can complete the most AbMat sit-ups in one week. Challenge athletes, you have till Saturday at 11am to complete as many reps as a team. Please check these standards:

-Sit-ups must be completed at CFIV only!
-You have to use an AbMat
-Shoulders must touch the ground and at the top you must touch your toes
-Make sure you log your reps next to your name on the whiteboard

The last day to complete reps will be Saturday at the end of Open Gym.