Complete 4 rounds for time of:
20 Wall Ball (M: 20 lbs, W: 14 lbs)
15 Chest2Bar Pull Ups
10 Handstand Push-Ups

CF Reston

Part of the reason we CrossFit is so we can do other things in life that are fun yet physically challenging.  We like to call this “play.”  Whether it’s a team or individual sport, it should be fun and challenging.

Do you put your hard-earned CrossFit strength, power, balance and agility to use when you “play”?  This video is a pretty cool display of amazing balance and mid-line stability.

In this next video, Kelly Starrett from the MWOD, explains the demands of the slackline.

Guess what new equipment we will have at the gym soon?  Get ready for some fun extra credits!