Complete 10 rounds of:
1 Min max distance row
30 Seconds rest


Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, complete:
7 Front squats (M: 95 lbs, W: 65 lbs)
7 Push press (M: 95 lbs, 65 lbs)

Establish a NEW 1 rep max bench press

Complete 3 Supersets of:
Hammer curls 15 reps (each arm)
DB lat raises + front raises 12 reps (6 of each)
Max rep narrow grip chin up (use band if < 6 reps)

Complete 4 sets of:
Banded ab pull-down 12-15 reps
Medicine ball floor crunch 12-15 reps
(Light weight held between feet)
DB hanging knee raises 12-15 reps


CrossFit Games OPEN 15.3
Don’t forget to tune into tonight at 5pm! Watch Julie Foucher and Lauren Brooks throwdown during the live announcement of OPEN WOD 15.3.