“Annie Are You OK?”
In Teams of 6, complete 21-15-9 for time of:
Row for Calories
Dumbbell Thruster (M: 35 lbs, W: 25 lbs)
Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull (M: 24 kgs, W: 16 kgs)
Medball Cleans (M: 20 lbs, W: 14 lbs)
Wall Balls (M: 20 lbs, W: 14 lbs)

Each team member starts at the same time at different stations and can not rotate to the next station until everyone on the team has completed their reps.

April Kickboxing Special! 
3 Private Fundamentals & Group Classes*
*Must complete in 1 month
($200 value)
For more information call Leo at 407-616-2682 or contact the front desk.

Results are in! 
CrossFit Open “In-House” Competition

Level 3 Men
1st place: Bryce Brown
2nd place: Justin Eyer
3rd place:  Abe Flores

Level 3 Women
1st place: PJ Enders
2nd place: Kady Jones
3rd place: Daniela Acosta

Level 2 Men
1st place: Kevin Rytter
2nd place: Kevin Kelly
3rd place: Nick Preciado

Level 2 Women 
1st place: Gina Hendrix
2nd place: Denice Rios
3rd place: Cortney Coyne

Level 1 Men
1st place: Ryan Dubbe
2nd place: Alain Gamino
3rd place: Ramon Demara

Level 1 Women 
1st place: Patricia Ramos
2nd place: Anahi Gutierrez
3rd place: Kat Castillo 

Great job to everyone who participated the past 5 weeks in the CrossFit Open In-House Comp. A list of the results are at the front desk for anyone who wants to know where they placed.