Complete 8 inverse Tabata rounds of the following exercises for max reps:
Inverse Tabata shoulder press (M: 155 lbs, W: 105 lbs)
Inverse Tabata front squat (M: 245 lbs, W: 170 lbs)
Inverse Tabata deadlift (M: 365 lbs, W: 255 lbs)

The Inverse Tabata interval is 10 seconds of work followed by 20
seconds of rest for 8 intervals. Rest 2 minutes between exercises.

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Back Squat
** If 5 or more reps were completed during the Amrap last week add 5lbs
for all 4 sets, if not stay with 80% of 1rm**
4 Super sets of:
RDL 8-12 reps
Weighted good mornings (empty BB ) 12-15 reps
*Rest 2 minutes
10 Rounds
:30 Sec work
:30 Sec rest
Back rack reverse lunges
(establish weight before intervals)



Party Lights!
While you are out shopping this week, if you see a pack of WHITE bulb Christmas lights and would like to donate them to the gym for our Christmas party, please pick ‘em up for us! Please drop them off before December 12th. All your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Thank You!