August Accountability Work
Spend 15-20 minutes figuring out a movement you
want to improve this month. Talk to a trainer to create a plan for
improving this movement and then test it. Record all results.

Accountability Workout
On the minute for 16 minutes:
Odd Min: Goat 1
Even Min: Goat 2

If the idea of putting your two most dreaded movements together in one WOD makes you cringe, its time to do it! If you only have one movement you want to focus on this month, pick a second one for this WOD that is not in the same Push, Pull, Open or Close category as the first movement. You can use this WOD as your Accountability Test, or, use it as practice to improve your chosen movement.

Ideas for Accountability Work
Double Unders
Toes to Bar
Knees to elbows
GHD Sit-ups – Advanced
GHD back-extentions – Advanced
Max lift (Clean, snatch, deadlift, back squat, front squat, press, push-press, push jerk, etc…)
Handstand walk
Kettlebell snatch
Air squat
Box jump
Anything that you are not good at and should spend time improving!
Dubbe1Laura and Richard volunteered all week at the CrossFit Games. It is thanks to countless volunteers like our own Dubbes that the Games are such as outstanding event each year!