Complete for time:

20 Overhead Squats
10 Shoulder Presses (M: 115 lbs, W: 75 lbs)
30 Front Squats
20 Push Press
40 Back Squats
30 Push Jerks

CF Reston


Scaled Women’s Division:
3rd Place Blanca Contreras

Scaled Men’s Division:
Tie for 1st Place Doug Struckmeyer

Masters Women’s Division:
1st Place Patsy Enders
2nd Place Gina Wright
3rd Place Laura Dubbe

Masters Men’s Division:
2nd Place Mitch Driskill
3rd Place Richard Dubbe

RX’d Women’s Division:
2nd Place PJ Enders

RX’d Men’s Division:
2nd Place Bruce Brown

Congratulations to ALL CFIV athletes who participated in the Throwdown. You guys were awesome out there and gave it your all. We’re very proud!

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