Complete 21-15-9 for time of:

Snatch (M: 95 lbs, W: 65 lbs)
Chest-to-bar Pull- ups
Only 10 Days Remaining
October 12, 2013
There are 10 days left until we “Throwdown” for Red Shoe Day. We hope you all have started to fundraise by either selling raffle tickets, selling/buying shirts or getting sponsor donations. Over 25% of the families that use The House come from the Imperial Valley. Any donations and/or gifts for the raffle will be greatly appreciated.

The last day to sign up to compete in the Throwdown is Monday, October 7th. If you do not have a partner by the 7th, that’s OK, we will assign one to you. If you have any questions about the event email customer service or stop by the front desk.

Red Shoe Day WOD 1

Complete for time:
80 Front Squats (105/75)
80 Pull ups
80 Burpees
80 Box Jumps
80 Shoulder to OH (105/75)

Time Cap: 15 minutes

– Once the bar is taken off the ground it cannot be set down.  If set down, there is a 5 burpee penalty for both team members.

– Partners must alternate every rep on the box jumps.  Only one set of feet on the box at a time.

– All other movements can be broken up however the team wants.