“Afro Puffs”
Complete 3 rounds for time of:
5 Ring muscle-ups
10 Squat cleans (M: 135 lbs, W: 95 lbs)
20 Box jumps (M: 30″, W: 24″)

Courtesy of Pat Sherwood
Posted on 27 October, 2015

Back Squats w/ a 2 second pause
Start @ 60%

3 Supersets of:
10 Bulgarian split squats
12 Stationary lunges

3 Supersets of:
10 Slow sit up
10 Crunches
10 Crossover crunch
10 Flutter kick
10 Mason twist


Better Body Challenge Update
We are past the half way point and everyone is still going strong!  Some of the teams are asking how they can earn more points.  While we want to make sure your bodies get the recovery they need in order to get stronger, we are excited that you are embracing the Challenge and are willing to work together as a team to earn your points.  You get points every time you workout as long as it’s a substantial effort and not more than 3 different point earning activities back to back.  This means that multiple sessions needs to be separated by time for rest and recovery.  For example, if you come into the gym in the morning and complete a class and then do Hatch strength work on your own and then do the Extra Credit for Bonus points, you can’t do another workout immediately for points.  You need to rest and eat and give your body some recovery time.  Then maybe that afternoon you can do something else.  Don’t misunderstand this post and think we are telling you that you need to workout multiple times a day.  Please listen to your bodies and allow appropriate recovery.  This is for all of you who have been asking if you can do more workouts on your own and count it.  Please read the below reminder of how to earn workout points:

  • CrossFit, CF Lite, Strength or Kickboxing classes (5 points)
  • CrossFit class at another CrossFit affiliate (5 points)
  • If you are participating in a Strength program on your own such as Hatch or Wendler (3 points)
  • Open gym.  If you complete a CrossFit workout that was assigned that week in a class, you get 5 points.  If you make up your own workout you get 3 points.
  • For Team Training, the main workout will be 5 points.  Additional Strength that day for Team Training will count for 3 more points.  No more than 8 points can be earned in a day for Team Training.  However, a completely separate session or class could count as more points.
  • Outside class or activity like martial art, yoga, sporting event, running on your own for a substantial distance (3 points)

Of course, remember that nutrition is the foundation to your health and fitness so, you should be putting just as much energy into prepping your food and hitting your macros as you are into working out and being active!