Initial Team Row Challenge WOD 

Complete 2000 Meters as a team of 2

As long as both team members row at least once, the meters can be split up however the team sees fit. Only one rower can be used during the effort and the distance must be set on the rower at 2000 meters to count down. The distance can not be re-set after the team starts.

Today we will complete our Initial Team Row Challenge WOD. It must be completed in teams of 2 and it will need to be completed again at the end of the month with the same partner in order to be eligible for the Most Improved Row Challenge prize. We encourage you to team up with someone you will be likely to train with during the month, however, if you don’t have a partner, no problem, please come in anyways and we can pair you up. If you can not come to a class today, you can make up this Initial Team Row Challenge during this Saturday’s Open Gym.

Starting today, please log ALL of your meters on the Rowing Board.  Lets hit 500,000 Meters in May as a gym.

Please visit our event page for details on the May Rowing Challenges!

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