Partner WOD:
Strength: 20 min

Standing Calf Raise Max Out

With barbell on your back find, your 1 RM. Use racks. Record this number!

Coaching Tips:
Lift as high as you can onto your toes.
Push evenly through the entire width of your foot. Don’t push off from your big toe or the outside edge of your feet.
Focus is on the horizon.

WOD: 18 min AMRAP
Partner WOD
10 Partner Thruster Toss and Catch 135/95*
10 Weighted rope climb w/ barbell 75/55**
10 Weighted HSPU w/ KB 35/25***
10 Partner Somersaults (see video)

* Partner A does a thruster, tosses the barbell as high as possible into the air. Partner B catches the tossed barbell and goes right into their thruster.

** Hold barbell however it works for you: in front rack position, strapped on back with a band or in mouth.

*** Hook your feet in the top of the KB, kick up to wall with KB on each foot. Or you can have your partner place the KB on your feet.

1st Annual Imperial Valley 5k Fun Run or Walk
Tomorrow, April 2nd, at Sunbeam Lake Park

Benefiting Children with Autism

We have a group of CFIV athletes meeting at Sunbeam tomorrow morning to run for a great cause. We are planning on wearing CFIV shirts to represent the gym!  If you are interested in running or walking you still have time to register online at or the morning of the event.
The run/walk starts at 8:00am.

They will have lots of different fun activities for kids of all ages! Food, face painting, a silent auction and so much more. Help support a great cause for children in our Valley!

Free Community Workout
TOMORROW, April 2nd, 
at 8:00 am
Join us for a Free Community Workout tomorrow at 8:00 am. Bring family, friends and/or co-workers to try CrossFit with no commitments. This is a great opportunity! Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out a waiver if you haven’t done so already.

Receive 50% OFF Group Fundamentals if you sign up at a Free Community Workout offered every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month (Regular Price $100)