Are you struggling to stay on track with so many things changing around you?

✅ Are you stuck working at home and find yourself mindlessly eating?

✅ Are you looking for a community to connect with virtually?

✅ Are you out of your routine because your gym shut down?

✅ Are you looking for an expert coach to keep you accountable?

✅ Are you looking for help with nutrition?

✅ Are you looking for a virtual class to join so that you don’t have to workout alone at home?

If you answered, “yes” to any of the questions above, we want to help find a new normal!

What Our Athletes are Saying …

Online training has been such a wonderful option for me. It has allowed me to continue working out 4-5 times a week on my schedule. Things are so off right now that I can for my workout  anytime of the day thanks to the equipment CFIV let me borrow, the customized workouts and those amazing live videos. I have a hard time working out alone but having those videos available for a later time when I am not able to make the live ones has been a motivator to work out even if it’s late. And the very best part of all is having Brianna’s ongoing support,answering  questions, sending reminders, customizing my workouts and motivating messages on a daily basis. I am so grateful to all the staff at CFIV for the support during this time!!!


I have more energy throughout the day. I feel stronger in my workouts and I have seen a major change in my body!


I’ve been a part of the CFIV community for over 3 years. As you know, due to this pandemic, many businesses were forced to close their doors temporarily, including my beloved gym. At first, I was very hesitant about deciding to sign up for the online training. I enjoy being in direct contact with people, and the fact of working out in isolation through a computer was not very attractive. However, as the days have passed, the motivation that I have received from the coaches through their creativity to keep our community active has not only kept fit, but has kept me focused in other equally important aspects: my mental health, keeping a good mood even in times of crisis, and understanding that I am not alone in this, that this situation will also pass. 
I am very grateful to the coaches who have gone above and beyond of what they are suppose to do to support us. With all my heart I wish this would happen soon and we come back stronger and more motivated than before. I am very proud to be part of such a beautiful and supportive community.