Every 1 minute for 20:00, alternating between:
Odd: Row for calories (M: 15 cals, W: 12 cals)
Even: 10 Burpees

Cash Out:
Walk 400m
Banded shoulder stretch 2 min / side

A. Complete 3 sets of:
Max banded strict pull-ups
Rest 1:00
Max weighted ab-mat sit ups (M: 35 lb DB, W: 20 lb DB)
Rest 1:00

B. Complete 5 sets of:
10 Weighted step-ups (M: 45 lb DB, W: 35 lb DB)
15 Dumbbell deadlift (M: 45 lb DB, W: 35 lb DB)
*Try to do each set without putting down the dumbbells between movements.

C. Complete 5 sets of:
Heavy sled drag walk.
* From the concrete to the wall and back is 1.
* No sprinting, just put a heavy load on and pull it by waking.