CFIV Transformation Spotlight: Richard Ramos


CrossFitting: 2 Years

Pre­‐Nutrition Challenge

CrossFitting: 2+ Years

Post‐Nutrition Challenge

How long have you been CrossFitting?:  2 years
Why did you join CFIV?  To get in shape to participate in obstacle course races.
How has CFIV made a positive impact on your life?  It’s made me push myself harder and farther than I’ve ever had to before.
What is your favorite CrossFit movement?  Squat Cleans
What is your favorite treat or “cheat meal”?  Pizza
Would you rather do 5 minutes of Burpees or Thrusters?  Burpees
What would you say to someone who thinks they won’t be able to do CrossFit or are scared to come in and try it?  Every workout can be modified and to take that first step.