It’s Time To Take Your Progress Tracking To The Next Level!

Success creates motivation, not the other way around. Only focusing on the number you see on the scale can set you up for failure. By looking at your body composition, you will get a closer look at the entire picture. Muscle weighs more than fat, if you are building muscle and losing fat the number on the scale may stay the same.

An InBody scan will give you an accurate look at body fat, lean muscle mass, basal metabolic weight, water retention and muscle mass in your arms, legs and trunk. Once you know your biometrics, you are able to formulate a plan based on what YOU need to help you achieve the results you are looking for!

Our Pricing

CFIV Members

1 scan – $30
4 pack – $100 ($25 per scan)

Non Members

1 scan – $35
4 pack – $120 ($30 per scan)

Interested in a Nutrition Consultation?

 A consultation will consist of a breakdown of your InBody Scan and all things nutrition geared towards your personal goals!
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Prices are as listed below:

$38 – 30 minute Session
$75 – 60 minute Session